We're on our way to stopping the super profits

Thank you to every one of the over 78,000 New Zealanders who signed the petition.

Breaking news: Government to appoint Grocery Commissioner, code of conduct consultation paper released

We’re welcoming the announcement, which sends a clear message to the supermarkets that they can’t keep making super profits at the expense of struggling consumers. 

However, it’s crucial to get the detail of the Grocery Industry Competition Bill (which sets the powers of the regulator) and the mandatory code of conduct right. We’ll keep pushing the Government to ensure they deliver for consumers and suppliers. 

Every day, the major supermarkets are making more than $1 million in excess profits.

Excess profits mean you pay more than you should at the checkout. 

New Zealanders deserve better but the Commerce Commission’s recommendations don’t go far enough.

We need more competition to drive down prices and give consumers better choices. 

What’s happened to the price of food in NZ?

New Zealand supermarket profitability is more than twice what it should be.

The major supermarkets are making $1 million a day in excess profits, according to the Commerce Commission's profitability assessment. Inflation aside, those profits are hitting New Zealand households. 

A lot of our pay packet is being spent on groceries.

Consumer NZ’s research found after housing costs are covered, a standard basket of food costs half of an average weekly income.  

New Zealanders' concern about the cost of food and groceries is increasing

Last year, 63% of New Zealanders said food and grocery costs were their biggest cost-of-living concern. In a recent poll, 98% of respondents said they were worried about the price of groceries. 

The Not-So-Supermarkets

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