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Sometimes we are the only ones in the room advocating for New Zealand consumers. But with your donation, there’s so much more we can do. 

Help us help Shayna understand what’s green and what’s not

People like Shayna (pictured) pay more for "sustainable" products, believing they are better for the planet. But that isn't always the case. Thanks to our latest investigation, we know many businesses are making unfounded green claims. And we're now taking on Z Energy for its advertising claims. Our planet and our pockets are suffering, and your donations can help us continue to call out greenwashing.  

We are pushing for an industry-wide investigation to identify how widespread the issue really is and calling for legislative change to tackle misleading green claims. Businesses, not consumers, should be responsible for ensuring these products comply with the law. New Zealand should be brought into line with others like Australia and the EU - right now we are lagging. 

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Help us help Malakai and food suppliers get a fairer deal at the supermarket

New Zealanders like Malakai (pictured) are being overcharged at the supermarket checkout, and local food suppliers have been vulnerable to the power of the supermarket giants. According to the Commerce Commission's market study, companies like Countdown and Foodstuffs have collectively made $1 million a day in excess profits. 

There’s no quick win, but while we wait for action on our recent dodgy supermarket specials pricing complaint to the Commerce Commission, your donations will help us keep holding the supermarket duopoly and regulators to account.  

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Help us help retirement village residents get a fair deal on their contracts

One-sided retirement village contracts have many residents and their families locked in limbo, waiting months after they leave to get their money back. Residents may also have to fork out for repairs to appliances they don’t even own. And some villages take no responsibility for damaging residents’ possessions. Sadly, one-sided terms like these are all too common. Retirees and their loved ones deserve better.  

The government is reviewing the Retirement Villages Act this year and your donation will help us be there to advocate for fairer contracts and better protections for retirement village residents. We're gathering evidence of unfair terms and treatment to provide evidence with our submission. So far, we've heard from more than 125 disgruntled residents.  

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We turn your donations into action

Over the past year, we’ve turned the generous support of our members and donors into thousands of hours of positive action, including the following: 

  • 3 Commerce Commission complaints highlighting likely Fair Trading Act breaches by Cook Strait ferries, supermarkets and Jetstar.  
  • 7 Ministerial meetings to advocate for consumers at the highest level. 
  • 18 green product claims investigated as part of our campaign to tackle greenwashing. 
  • 22 submissions on government consultations from data privacy and online safety, to transport and water services, and the grocery industry. 
  • 100s of media interviews providing advice on topical consumer issues. 
  • 600 examples of “dodgy supermarket specials” collected and analysed as part of our Commerce Commission complaint. 
  • 11,000 petition signatures for clearer flight rights, leading to improvements in Air NZ’s customer advice when flights are cancelled.  
  • 14,500 petition signatures calling for a product repairability label so you can shop for products you can repair. 

Campaigning for fairer laws takes years of time-consuming work and dedication.

With your help, there’s much more we can do.