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A lot has changed since we formed in 1959, but our commitment to making things better for consumers has never wavered. We regularly go up against big companies with deeper pockets and more resources than us. But despite being a small not-for-profit, we get wins. 

We were instrumental in the introduction of the Consumer Guarantees Act, pressuring banks to stop charging you a $1 fee for using other banks' ATMs, protecting our whānau with a mandatory sunscreen safety standard, and plenty more besides...

Clearer flight rights and refunds
Our efforts have already helped thousands of New Zealanders get their money back for disrupted travel plans, and we’ve just launched a petition to demand airlines are more up-front about your rights when flights are cancelled or delayed. 

Fairer grocery prices
More than 77,000 people signed our petition to keep the supermarkets’ super-profits in check. The Government listened and acted, but we’ll be keeping an eye on supermarkets' specials pricing to make sure they follow through.

Safer sunscreens
After more than 10 years of testing and campaigning, our recent Commerce Commission complaint led to a sunscreen manufacturer prosecution. And we’re still working for sunscreens to be regulated as a therapeutic product, not as a cosmetic. 

Right to Repair
We’re calling for the introduction of a product durability label – so you know how long appliances and electronics should last. If successful, manufacturers will be forced to lift their game and fewer faulty products will end up in landfill.  

Unfair retirement village contracts
Retirement village contracts are lengthy, difficult to understand and often very one-sided. We’re urgently calling for the Government to review the Retirement Villages Act and better protect your and your family’s interests. 

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Our small but mighty team of 45 people are working hard to shine a light on unfair practices and consumer rights issues.

But it’s time-consuming work, taking years of campaigning for fairer laws and regulations. And sometimes, we're the only ones in the room advocating for New Zealand consumers. 


Everything we do is backed by thousands of hours of in-depth research. Our passionate team of investigative writers, like Ruairi (pictured), are committed to exposing bad business practices, analysing consumer trends and advocating for better futures for New Zealanders. 


Gemma (pictured) and Jess are dedicated to fighting for consumers. They lead our campaign work, meeting with government and businesses, giving media interviews, and pushing for a better deal for Kiwi consumers. 

Donation revenue is never spent on administration or projects that aren’t accessible by all consumers. 

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