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It’s now illegal to ignore “Do Not Knock” stickers.

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A pushy telco rep interrupting dinner. A salesperson so forceful that the only way to get them to leave is to agree to the sale. A dealer that has to be threatened with a call to the cops...

We’ve heard our fair share of stories about door-to-door salespeople hounding households to buy products they don’t want or need over the years.  

Closing the door on dodgy door-to-door salespeople

In 2014, we launched the Do Not Knock campaign because of these ongoing complaints and exploitative practices. Empowering New Zealanders with their rights, we distributed free “Do Not Knock” stickers, warning door-to-door sellers to keep to the curb. Back then, if the salesperson ignored the sticker - they were likely to be trespassing and you had the right to bring action against them. 

In August 2022, long-overdue changes to the Fair Trading Act we had been campaigning for came into force. Today, it’s an offence for a door-to-door traders to ignore your “Do Not Knock” sticker. In fact the new legislation means those dodgy door-to-door sellers could risk fines of up to $30,000.  

How you can show door-to-door sellers the door 

Anyone has the right to knock on your door, but you have the ability to deter them. Tell salespeople they’re not welcome by displaying a ‘Do Not Knock’ sticker anywhere it’s visible to people entering your property. If they ignore it, they could face a fine of up to $40,000.  

Get your sticker

We’ve been campaigning against door-to-door sellers for years 

  • November 2014: Campaign launched. 100,000 “Do Not Knock” stickers distributed in first month 
  • May 2017: 500,000 stickers distributed 
  • October 2018: Government announces door-to-door sellers ignoring stickers will face prosecution under the Fair Trading Act 
  • November 2019: Fair Trading Amendment Bill introduced to parliament 
  • April 2020: Consumer NZ makes submission on Bill 
  • August 2021: Fair Trading Amendment Bill passes into law 
  • August 2022: Changes making it an offence to ignore a sticker come into force 

Your rights

Everybody has an implied licence to enter your property and knock on your door. But you have the right to take away this licence. You can revoke a salesperson’s licence to enter your property by displaying a “Do Not Knock” sticker. If a door-to-door seller ignores the sticker, they’re likely to be trespassing.  

As of 16 August 2022, they also face a $30,000 fine under the Fair Trading Act.  

Recent changes to the act will make it an offence for any seller to ignore a sticker, or other written or verbal direction not to enter your property.  

In addition to fining traders, the courts will be able to make other orders, including cancelling a sales agreement and requiring the door-to-door seller to pay compensation to the consumer.  

Have you had a problem with door-to-door sellers? 

Let us know about problems you have with door-to-door salespeople – and remember – it's an offence for sellers to ignore your “Do Not Knock” sticker, and they face a $30,000 fine under the Fair Trading Act.